Simply put: don’t bang your head

I’ve been immersed, for as much as a non-neurologist can be, in the world of concussions and athletes. At a conference in Big Sky, Montana, listening and learning from some of the best docs on what we know – and sadly, the long list of things we do not know.

The brain is so complicated. It would be so nice to have a simple way to diagnose and treat this issue. Yes or no answers. No maybes or what ifs. It would be great to have a way to prevent it from ever happening. But the basic truth is this: some people will play in the NFL and be fine. Others will get hurt in high school and can have side effects for a long time. Science and medicine do not know why yet. The fear that is spreading among parents and athletes is approaching detectable levels by these medical professionals.

Fear is not good. Will science and medicine be able to trump the worries with evidence and more knowledge? Time will tell, and I hope to tell that story as it develops.