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The truth always is set free

Been doing a lot of thinking about the Bill Cosby situation, because, like a lot of Gen Xers, I grew up watching his shows. Cliff Huxtable was everywhere in the 80s, and the thought of Bill Cosby – a veritable… Continue Reading →

So what’s new?

Other than a new job, a new car, half a book done, and Roger Federer wearing Air Jordans? • I am happy to finally tell the world that I have joined the amazing faculty at Michigan State University’s School of… Continue Reading →

Sticking up for Guy Fieri…

I call Guy Fieri “Gui”, aka French-Canadian hockey player style, to be funny. It’s more my way of making him more exotic, elevating him from being a burned out Motley Crue/Warrant/Whitesnake/Damn Yankees roadie. For as much as his bleached tips… Continue Reading →

No off position on the genius switch…

Yep, that’s an oldie but goodie by the soon-to-be-retiring Dave Letterman. (Some awesomely odd trivia in that IMDB link.) But yes, the genius in me has been busy this summer. Some writing, some writing, and working on the book. It’s… Continue Reading →

So…..what up doe?

Busy, busy, busy. Working on a book, working on big stories, playing tennis, and trying to car shop at the same time! Have to admit, I am not a fan of car shopping, because I never feel like things are… Continue Reading →

Breaking up with the Food Network…

Oh Food Network…I don’t know what to say, other than to speak from the heart. We’ve had a long relationship, going back to Molto Mario, the original Iron Chef, and Emeril before he went Live! era. It was the heady,… Continue Reading →

Is Bossy a bad word?

Been ruminating on Sheryl Sandberg et al’s efforts to ban the word “Bossy” from the lexicon in describing women. I understand trying to take away the stigma that women cannot, and should not, be leaders because it somehow makes them… Continue Reading →

The Olympics: real-fake or fake-real?

And that’s my deep-think question right now. What exactly are the Olympics? A noble sporting event that unites the world in athletic competition and sportsmanship for a few weeks, hopefully bringing out the best in all? Or is a a… Continue Reading →

We can’t have it both ways…or can we?

Every day the contradictions fly: we hear how everybody is getting too fat, and then the celebrity magazines either declare somebody to be too skinny (Nicole Richie) or too fat (everybody named Kardashian or Oprah). Baby bumps are watched closely,… Continue Reading →

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