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Being aware…but not educated

I can’t even summarize in 20,000 words all the things I have learned since the book launched 6 weeks ago. It’s been a powerful experience, getting to talk to so many different people about their impressions/experiences with concussions. One profound… Continue Reading →

Back in the Game… is now in the game!

Yeah, I know. I little too cute and wordy for a headline. But it is true! Back in the Game is indeed alive and in the world. The book is available at all Barnes & Noble locations, as well as… Continue Reading →

Learning and listening

I’ve been busy with some lovely opportunities to share knowledge, and more importantly, listen to what others think about concussion, sports and the media. Speaking as part of a panel of journalists at the American Academy of Neurology’s Sports Concussion… Continue Reading →

The book life

Writing a book is a funny thing. While you are in process, it seems like the work will never end. Reporting, thinking, writing, ripping up what you wrote, reading it, changing it, editing it – over and over, chapter by… Continue Reading →

Back in the Game is coming!

Yep! That’s the book we’ve been working on for two years….and it’s almost here! Coming Sept. 1, from Oxford University Press, is “Back in the Game” by Dr. Jeff Kutcher and myself. It’s aimed at the millions of parents, coaches… Continue Reading →

Book = finish line!

I feel like I have been watching a zombie movie for the past two years. Except I am the zombie. Writing a book that will never die. But the book, aka the concussion book, aka now known as “Back in… Continue Reading →

And we have a book!

The work has been going on for nearly 2 years, but the finish line is here! Our book, “Back in the Game: Why Concussion Doesn’t Have to End Your Athletic Career”, will be published late this summer by Oxford University… Continue Reading →

We need to talk…

I am doing a lot of speaking on concussions/sports/media these days, and had two things happen recently that were fascinating: 1) After a presentation at the University of Michigan’s Injury Center Concussion Summit, I was asked it we (meaning the… Continue Reading →

Concussions are not black and white

One of the interesting things I have discovered, in the process of writing a book about concussions and youth sports, is that everybody has some type of opinion/conspiracy theory to share. They fall along similar lines: Concussions are killing people… Continue Reading →

Thoughts for the summer…

– If it ever stops raining, then I will declare, Happy Summer! 🙂 But seriously, it is great to be away from the classroom for a bit to work on other things. The concussion book is nearing the finish line,… Continue Reading →

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