watching a curious scene…

Sitting here, again, too early in the AM, in yet another airport. This time Logan in Boston. Watching something interesting. This is apparently the last day Northwest will be known as Northwest. Delta everything kicks in today in Detroit and tomorrow elsewhere. A lot of the gate people here seem to be very sad. There is a lot of hugs going on, and some are wearing flowers on their lapels. They’re leaving this terminal in Boston and will all be Delta tomorrow. Mergers have a funny way of erasing the loser. It used to be Northwest Orient. Then Northwest. And now, only Delta. Northwest and I have had a love-hate relationship: love when they upgrade me, hate when they lose my luggage and never find it and never take responsibility for 5 months. But losing your company identity, especially if this is where you’ve worked for a while, is sad. Bye Bye NWA.

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