Who needs sleep?

… You’re never gonna get it….for those who know Barenaked Ladies…you get my joke. For those who don’t….good tune. Was I surprised Michigan State got smoked? No. Carolina is just that good. Some odd observations from the Final Four: 1) Ford Field has some amazingly unintelligent people working security. Some doors were wide open for access, others were acting like Jack Bauer and being too good at their jobs; 2) Why did they drop maize and blue confetti at the end? For TV purposes? Nothing says fun than trying to write on deadline while pieces of paper attack you from the sky; 3) The national media whines too much. I am sorry it snowed. I am sorry the shuttle busses were late. I am sorry for the potholes. I am sorry some of the rooms in the Ren Cen weren’t clean when you checked in. Carry on; 4) I worry for Tom Izzo’s vocal cords. I hope he can have a voice in like 10 years; 5) Ford Field makes really yummy oatmeal cookies; 6) Dick Vitale has a very big heart and understands he has had a blessed life; 7) 8 Mile is a mythical place for out-of-towners, seemingly disappointed when it’s not bombed out in on all sides of Detroit; 8) And I vow to get to bed before 2 a.m. and not work 7 days per week following tall people around and listening to their cliches. Seacrest out.

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