Good stuff…

Hey everybody!

Hope you’re having a great summer. And to those complaining about the heat…we’ll be killing for this come January 🙂 I’ve been trying to swim a least a mile every day. I’ve even played one tennis match, a remarkable thing considering my right knee.

A few things:
– Thanks to Omar and the students at Columbia University for a great issue on women in sports. This article on women in sports journalism did a great job pointing out the shoddy hiring practices of Yahoo, ESPN, etc. in terms of their online sports operations. Very few women with a real voice on those popular websites. I’ll leave it up to you to conjecture why.
– LeBron mania may end up backfiring on him and ESPN. I’ve talked to more people today who are sick of the whole thing and don’t care. Which is good. We shouldn’t care. He’s just one player. Yes, a very good player, but he still needs 6-7 more around him to make a NBA championship-caliber team.

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