Hey y’all…

Love when Paula Deen says “Y’all” with her Carolina low country drawl. I can’t do that as effectively. Darned souther Ontario/Detroit accent gets in the way 🙂

Anyways, been a busy bee. Writing, hustling for work, it’s all good. Doing a lot of swimming, every day if I can. Tennis and other stuff I love is hard to do, because of the torn ACL and that honking knee brace I have to wear. No USTA for me this summer. There is irony: going from the best tennis of my life last summer to zero this summer. Oh well.

Here is what I have been up to:
– Michigan may someday have a woman on the football team. Maybe in my lifetime. But I saw some women with really, really good skills at Michigan Women’s Football Academy.
– Michiganian Mark Grimmette, one of the best lugers in U.S. history has finally retired and moved into a big-time managerial role. He seems very happy.

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