One shining moment…

Sports writers are typically a hardened, sacrastic lot. We are there to witness, and often pass quick judgement on the winners and losers. Sometimes it’s fun to get to know the people, then have the chance to root for them from afar, maintaining my professional cover. I have to admit, in a very dorky way, how moved I was to see the Michigan State student body and men’s hoops team to rush the floor to celebrate the women knocking off No. 1 Duke. That happens all the time in the men’s game. Not that often for the women. And to see it happen to some people I knew a little, all the better. So I could sit in a hotel room in Boston and mist up a little. If I was in East Lansing, I would probably have been more worried for the safety of my body and laptop, as people may have been jumping over me to get on the floor. One thing that made me smile, watching the chaos on ESPN….seeing 6-9 center Allyssa DeHaan sticking out of the happy scrum. She can’t hide anywhere, even in a mob filled with basketball players.

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