OK, so I have been MIA… :)

But it’s all good. Been taking a break from some things, like blogging, in order to be more present in life. And honestly, I have not felt like writing here.

So I didn’t. When in doubt, don’t.

It’s been a complicated year, trying to unpack the ongoing turmoil and tragedy at my workplace of Michigan State University. I know students and others who have been directly affected by sexual assault and Larry Nassar’s abuse. I have been at a loss on how to best support them, other than to let them know of my care and respect for their courage. The anger and sadness is real. And deserved for the university’s continued failings to make things right.

I have had several friends die, way too young, and feeling their losses and seeing their families suffer with crushing grief has been hard. Another friend is fighting for her life, and is giving every bit of her soul to defeat AML. I hate her suffering.

And in the late spring, the wonderful Oreo kitty crossed the bridge, at 17 years old, after bringing so much joy to so many.

Yeah, that’s a lot.

I have chosen to be more present, less on my phone/social media, and forcing myself to see the quiet moments. I sat on a rooftop terrace in Paris, 10 times in 2 weeks, to watch the sun set over the city and have the Eiffel Tower come alive with twinkling lights.

I looked at the flowers in Rome, and tried to remember the smell of each.

I enjoyed my coffee. (Because yeah, it was better than the stuff in the US).

I thought about the things I want to write in the future, and what I want to leave behind.

It’s been a good time to realign and refocus. Which is a gift to get to do.

So yeah, I am alive ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you are too. Be present. Be grateful.

Happy 2017!

I realize it’s a sign of me getting older, but time really does fly. Good times, bad times, boring times, all seem to fly faster and faster. Seems like it was just the start of 2016, and there was so much work ahead on various projects.

Now it’s 2017. And I can say the same thing, some for new projects, some for continuation of others.

The year 2016 was particularly a roller coaster ride, both from what was happening in the world, and life. I am choosing to focus on the good, remembering the time spent in Paris, Rome, Miami and with family and friends, the release of Back in the Game and all the amazing opportunities to learn and grow from it, and the chance to continue to have an impact with my writing. Getting to discuss concussions, youth sports, safety, science and medicine has been a joy, and I have truly appreciated every chance to be with the public. There is a thirst for responsible concussion information for youth athletes, and I am so heartened to see the global discussion swinging back to medically-grounded thoughts instead of solely emotion.

Wishing everybody the best in 2017!

There is more to come with Back in the Game, with several more appearances planned! Follow us on Twitter!



Happy New Year…

Seems crazy that we’re into 2013 already, especially since I just heard “1999” by Prince on the radio today ๐Ÿ™‚ Remember how that was the jam, for some year that seemed so far away. Now it’s buried in the fog of 14 years passing. Crazy. Or maybe Let’s go Crazy ๐Ÿ™‚

I am wishing everybody the best for this coming year. I know 2012 was a struggle for many, for different reasons. I mourned some losses and heartaches, but choose to celebrate the blessings of a year that took me to Paris (three times to Charles De Gaulle alone!), Madrid, Seville, Lisbon, Miami, Sao Paulo, Zurich, seeing my family in Germany, and many points in-between.

I will be a Knight-Wallace fellow at the University of Michigan for another four months, and I plan to make the most of the time. You may even see me pop up now and again making a speech about women and sports media. Come April, I am released back into the big, bad world. I don’t know what stream I will choose to swim in, but plan to make it good!