On to the next adventures…

My time as a Knight-Wallace fellow at the University of Michigan is now at an end. It has been a very interesting year, with unexpected twists and turns, taking me to places where I learned something new each time. I thank everybody at the University of Michigan, KWF program director Charles Eisendrath, the hard-working Birgit Rieck (us Germans know no other way!), and everybody at Wallace house. I also want to send a heartfelt thank you to my classmates in the fellowship (hate the term fellow Fellows – can’t go there) for being such amazing people to learn from. I love you all and look forward to being part of your lives forever.

A gigantic hug of appreciation to Dr. Jeff Kutcher, Courtney, Steve, Bruno, Brandy and everybody at UM NeuroSport and the neuropsych departments. Your generosity of time and spirit let me into a whole new world. You’ve not seen the last of me. 🙂

My professors, Dr. Shirli Kopleman, Landon Little, Sherman Clark, Chris McNamara were all lovely. My friend and great advisor Dr. Andy Markovits is a font of ideas and enthusiasm. You never travel a journey alone, and I thank everybody for their help, kindness, patience and encouragement.

It’s time to move on to the next chapter, and I am excited to see where life will take me.



The KWF crew on top of Sao Paolo.
The KWF crew on top of Sao Paolo.