The world turned upside down

No, I am not on another Hamilton kick. OK, maybe the first one never ended…hahaha.

I am reflective these days, about the state of the world, how things seem to be upside down everywhere, and the degree of suffering around all of us. Sure, COVID came out of the blue, but the rest of the issues: inequality, poverty, injustice, corruption, police brutality, and a broken government have haunted all of society for a while. We have had the wealth and power in the US to make things look OK, but the truth is, for many, the suffering has been ongoing for a long time.

We choose to look the other way. We choose to make excuses. We choose to use the weakness of those in power to advance our own causes. We choose to use religion as a weapon to harm and enslave, far from values espoused formally. We choose to scream about rights, while depriving others of their liberty.

I am tasking myself to listen, learn, read, pray and get involved to be part of the change. I am praying we come out stronger, smarter, and with some of our cancers removed.


I am wondering where we go next. We have failed leadership. We have shallow, petty people who choose harm over elevating and helping. We have others who choose to insist their thoughts are the only ones allowed.